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8 Ways to Survive Post-Loss Holidays

Eight ways to handle the holiday season after loss.

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Cleaning and Organizing: Clean Mama

Get your home organized with Clean Mama.

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Man’s Search for Meaning (Viktor Frankl)

Viktor Frankl's memoir about his internment in concentration camps and how we can thrive despite trauma.


Practice Self-Kindness

We seem conditioned to believe that kindness is an outside offering that comes to us rather than a gift we bestow on ourselves. I was struck by how simple kindness was undervalued among some grief supporters. Kindnesses are paid during the funeral period, but after the funeral kindness slowly evaporates, perhaps as part of the… Continue reading Practice Self-Kindness

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This Thing Called Grief (Thomas M. Ellis)

Thomas Ellis' book This Thing Called Grief is a wonderful and digestible book on grief. At only 132 pages, you can get through it in a day if you are inclined. Ellis is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and the former clinical supervisor and executive director for the Center for Grief, Loss and Transition… Continue reading This Thing Called Grief (Thomas M. Ellis)


Keep Healthy Habits

Healthy habits tend to disappear when intense stress arrives. We stop exercising, we sleep less, we eat poorly, we stop making health care appointments. Non-grief-related stressors tend to come in bursts that dissipate after a time, allowing us to resume our regular healthy living habits. Grief, on the other hand, brings long-term stress that includes… Continue reading Keep Healthy Habits


Renew with a 7-Piece Skin So Soft collection

As your grief-related Avon Rep, I have a limited time special offer to share with grievers who are in need of a little pampering: a 7-piece Skin So Soft collection for $19.99 ($65 value). The set includes: 2 Skin So Soft Original Shower Gels Skin So Soft Original Body Oil Skin So Soft Original Bath… Continue reading Renew with a 7-Piece Skin So Soft collection


Greetings from your new Avon Lady

Dear readers, I have become an Avon Representative. Yes, that’s right: I am your new Avon Lady. I joined Avon for a very specific purpose: to contribute to your development of a self-care program. I had been looking into direct marketing for a few years, but the companies I found never grabbed me for one… Continue reading Greetings from your new Avon Lady

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Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day is this weekend. I keep forgetting about it. Not having a mother will do that to you. My email is full of helpful “reminders” of the day from internet companies I have bought gifts through over the past year.  Even before my mother died I always wondered about people who had terrible relationships… Continue reading Mother’s Day 2018


How to Fall Apart

In my post The Right to Fall Apart, I wrote about the Griever’s right to express emotions when needed. The trouble with falling apart is that we have to attend to our lives at the same time. We have jobs, school, and/or families to deal with. Real Life intrudes on our need to crumble; therefore,… Continue reading How to Fall Apart

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Traditions: Easter Edition

On continuing special traditions after the death of a loved one.


The Right to Fall Apart

"I am worried about her," my aunt said from behind me. "She cried at the hospital when Eileen died. She wouldn't let her go." I sat on the kneeler next to my mother's casket before and after her wake rather than sitting in a chair across the room from her. I wanted to sit next… Continue reading The Right to Fall Apart

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My mother died March 5, 2015—three years ago. A loved one’s death is a strange anniversary to commemorate, and like everything else within the grief process, each griever acknowledges the death anniversary differently. March 5 is a date I will never forget. I carry vivid images of that Thursday morning and the three days leading… Continue reading Anniversaries