Grief is in two parts. The first is loss. The second is remaking life.

Anne Roiphe

It’s 2023…

I am thrilled to see 2022 go and 2023 begin. Yes, I know that the calendar is a construction and the change in numbers doesn’t necessarily mean any of the frustrations from the previous year have disappeared, but I like the notion of fresh starts. I’ve been gearing up for a mindset shift, and day one of a new year always seems to be a good place to begin for me. See my first post of the year below (A Year for Rest).

Among other things, I spent 2022 finishing my book on self-care for grievers. It’s with the publisher now and should be on shelves during the first half of 2023. I don’t have any productivity goals this year other than getting back to the blog. 2022 wore me out, and I need to make my plans slowly. But I’m still here and still learning the steps to my grief dance. Last year was a mosh pit; this year, I just want to learn a new dance and let grief take over for a minute. It’s smart enough to know what I need.

Ideas for the 2023 edition of ANCarroll.com:

  • My book Untangling Life After Loss will be published in the first half of 2023. Stay tuned for more information on the release date, giveaways, and more.
  • New content: meditations for the new year, articles, books, and gift guides.
  • More crafting thoughts, tutorials, and/or products.

Thank you for your continued support. I wish all of you strength as you navigate your grief path. Remember: You are not alone. You are loved.

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What people are saying about Untangling Life After Loss: A Griever’s Guide to Creating a Self-Care Plan

“Dr. Alexandra Carroll shows us, that love, and fierce self-care, brings us back to life with more truth and authenticity after loss, with more clarity about what matters, and with the searing awareness that we will never be the same.”

-Meggan Watterson, bestselling author of Mary Magdalene Revealed

Latest From the BLOG

Monday Meditation: DO NO HARM

I can’t suggest a meditation more apt than this right now, given the events in the United States over the past week. How can you help people? Can you donate to organizations once, a few times, or monthly? Can you volunteer for organizations? Can you commit to becoming an activist?

Monday Meditation: Persevering

Grief isn’t just one experience that hangs out for a bit and then disappears. Grief is a very long road broken up into shorter segments that piggyback onto one another for the remainder of a griever’s life. Outsiders often mistake grief for a one-and-done experience: someone dies, you get sad, you deal with it, you’re…

Monday Meditation: Step On In

Grief is huge. It’s an ocean. If we stopped to contemplate what was living in every nook and cranny of the ocean and what could happen to us if we went to varying depths, we might become paralyzed.

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