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I’M BACK! But where have I been…?

I've been away for a bit...but I'm back!

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Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day is this weekend. I keep forgetting about it. Not having a mother will do that to you. My email is full of helpful “reminders” of the day from internet companies I have bought gifts through over the past year.  Even before my mother died I always wondered about people who had terrible relationships… Continue reading Mother’s Day 2018

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New Year, New Blog

I have been away for a while. My last post from three years ago probably gives you a clue as to why. My mother died on March 5, 2015. When my mother died in 2015, I was an underemployed, adjunct professor living with my parents in Richmond, VA commuting to Washington DC. Now, in 2018,… Continue reading New Year, New Blog

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Today's is Mother's Day...and I just lost my mother. There is little to say, no Top 10 lists of what mom taught me that adequately capture everything I learned from her during our time together. Instead, I'd like to share the words I wrote for her funeral service, words that celebrated our mother-daughter time together… Continue reading Mom