Monday Mediation: Set Goals

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

-Tony Robbins

The last thing that may come to mind when thinking of grief is the prospect of setting goals for yourself. Rather, grief seems to be a time when there are no goals to be found. Grief, in fact, is a chance to rethink what your goals have been and to develop new ones. Grief may come with shifting thoughts concerning the life you would like to lead as you may begin to ask yourself: What truly matters to me?  How do I truly want to spend my time? 

There are lessons to learn from loss, lessons to learn from grief supporters, and lessons to learn from the strength we see in ourselves as we face one of the lowest moments in our lives. To make these lessons permanent, to make the experience life-changing means first, shifting our priorities and then, establishing goals based on those new priorities.

Setting goals, no matter how small, will help your new priorities manifest from a wish into a lifestyle. Break large goals into smaller, daily goals that serve your larger priorities. Piece by piece that priority will become tangible in your life and you will begin to feel the goals in action.

Published by ancarroll

Alexandra N. Carroll is an author, grief advocate, crafter, mother, and partner. She writes on grief and self-care from her home in Vermont. Her forthcoming book concerns how to untangle life-after-loss through the creation of a strong self-care plan.

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