Monday Meditation: A Little Flattery Goes a Long Way

“A little flattery will support a man through great fatigue.”

-James Monroe

When we are the most drained and worn out, a kind word helps us push through. A nicety offers support when a person is too tired to support themselves. A complement can help someone cross the bridge over a deep valley and reach the green pasture on the other side.

The nicest thing a grief supporter can offer most times is just a kind word of support, something that complements the griever’s ability to persevere through struggle. Don’t be afraid to say something complementary to the griever in your life; you have no idea how important it may be for them.

Grievers need to compliment themselves as well, there is nothing wrong with reciting a daily affirmation of kindness. There is nothing self-centered about supporting yourself with a little self-congratulations for making it through what may be the worst time in your life. This is a practice of self-kindness and you deserve it.

Give yourself (or the griever in your life) a compliment for the next five days. See what happens.

Published by ancarroll

Alexandra N. Carroll is an author, grief advocate, crafter, mother, and partner. She writes on grief and self-care from her home in Vermont. Her forthcoming book concerns how to untangle life-after-loss through the creation of a strong self-care plan.

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