Monday Meditation: Call for a Do Over

Nothing in the universe can stop you from starting over.

-Guy Finley

Every once in a while, we yearn for a fresh start.  We may, however, hear that fresh starts are for the young…or someone without kids…or singles…or just not us. Remember the days on the playground when we called for a “do over” because of some unforeseen interference in our play? Where did that habit go?

As adults we tend to believe that the time for new beginnings has passed and we have to be “responsible” now…which means we’re not allowed to change. There is no rule about when in life we get to reset or call for a do over. Every new home is a chance to start fresh, every new job, every new city, every new person we meet is an opportunity for something “else”. The life-changing experience of loss is one such opportunity, one that perhaps forces a new start whether we like it or not.  Our social circles change, our priorities change, our needs and goals change. Our life is demanding change as we face adjustment after loss.

Why not call for a do over as you sort out post-loss life?  This is the time when you may be more ready to start over than you have been before.  Don’t let others tell you that you can’t start over, especially if you feel pulled to a new direction. A fresh start may initiate healing in a deep and profound way. Contemplate where you might be able to start over in your life: exercise, health, your home, your job, your relationships, your spiritual life. Then call for your do over and act.

Published by ancarroll

Alexandra N. Carroll is an author, grief advocate, crafter, mother, and partner. She writes on grief and self-care from her home in Vermont. Her forthcoming book concerns how to untangle life-after-loss through the creation of a strong self-care plan.

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