About Me

I am a Professorial Lecturer of Religion at The George Washington University in Washington DC, where I teach courses on peace studies and conflict resolution. As a religious studies scholar, I tend to find spirituality  existing in almost everything, especially arts, sports, and politics.  Although grounded in the Catholic tradition, I have a great fondness for Russian Orthodoxy and Buddhism (Chinese and Japanese).  While my research interests are diverse  and include 19th century Russian literature, travel, pop culture, and horror movies, I concentrate on how we confront and cope with the trauma and suffering of everyday life experience.

About this Blog

This blog is a collection of observations, writings, and meditations on the various subjects that make up my teaching and research pursuits, and well as my personal interests. They may be humorous or serious,  long or short, but always quirky in one way or another. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences and encounters with a wider community interested in similar topics, whether for academic or personal reasons. I welcome comments and feedback, and hope to start a conversation on how we can increase compassion and empathy in the world, confront what scares us, and work toward developing a better understanding of one another, whether we live next door to one another or are separated by great distances.

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